__gnu_cxx::__pool< false > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for __gnu_cxx::__pool< false >:

Public Types

typedef unsigned short int _Binmap_type

Public Member Functions

 __pool (const __pool_base::_Tune &__tune)
void _M_adjust_freelist (const _Bin_record &, _Block_record *, size_t)
bool _M_check_threshold (size_t __bytes)
void _M_destroy () throw ()
size_t _M_get_align ()
const _Bin_record & _M_get_bin (size_t __which)
size_t _M_get_binmap (size_t __bytes)
const _Tune & _M_get_options () const
size_t _M_get_thread_id ()
void _M_initialize_once ()
void _M_reclaim_block (char *__p, size_t __bytes) throw ()
char * _M_reserve_block (size_t __bytes, const size_t __thread_id)
void _M_set_options (_Tune __t)

Protected Attributes

_Binmap_type * _M_binmap
bool _M_init
_Tune _M_options

Detailed Description

class __gnu_cxx::__pool< false >

Specialization for single thread.

Definition at line 194 of file mt_allocator.h.

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