std::__future_base::_State_base Class Reference

Inherited by std::__future_base::_Async_state< _Res >, std::__future_base::_Deferred_state< _Res >, and std::__future_base::_Task_state< _Res(_Args...)>.

Public Member Functions

 _State_base (const _State_base &)=delete
void _M_break_promise (_Ptr_type __res)
void _M_set_result (function< _Ptr_type()> __res, bool __ignore_failure=false)
void _M_set_retrieved_flag ()
_State_baseoperator= (const _State_base &)=delete
_Result_basewait ()
template<typename _Rep , typename _Period >
bool wait_for (const chrono::duration< _Rep, _Period > &__rel)
template<typename _Clock , typename _Duration >
bool wait_until (const chrono::time_point< _Clock, _Duration > &__abs)

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename _Res , typename _Arg >
static _Setter< _Res, _Arg && > __setter (promise< _Res > *__prom, _Arg &&__arg)
template<typename _Res >
static _Setter< _Res,
__exception_ptr_tag > 
__setter (exception_ptr &__ex, promise< _Res > *__prom)
static _Setter< void, void > __setter (promise< void > *__prom)
template<typename _Tp >
static bool _S_check (const shared_ptr< _Tp > &__p)

Detailed Description

Base class for state between a promise and one or more associated futures.

Definition at line 286 of file future.

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