std::atomic_bool Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 atomic_bool (const atomic_bool &)=delete
constexpr atomic_bool (bool __i)
bool compare_exchange_strong (bool &__i1, bool __i2, memory_order __m1, memory_order __m2)
bool compare_exchange_strong (bool &__i1, bool __i2, memory_order __m1, memory_order __m2) volatile
bool compare_exchange_strong (bool &__i1, bool __i2, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst)
bool compare_exchange_strong (bool &__i1, bool __i2, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst) volatile
bool compare_exchange_weak (bool &__i1, bool __i2, memory_order __m1, memory_order __m2)
bool compare_exchange_weak (bool &__i1, bool __i2, memory_order __m1, memory_order __m2) volatile
bool compare_exchange_weak (bool &__i1, bool __i2, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst)
bool compare_exchange_weak (bool &__i1, bool __i2, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst) volatile
bool exchange (bool __i, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst)
bool exchange (bool __i, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst) volatile
bool is_lock_free () const
bool is_lock_free () const volatile
bool load (memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst) const
bool load (memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst) const volatile
 operator bool () const
 operator bool () const volatile
atomic_booloperator= (const atomic_bool &)=delete
atomic_booloperator= (const atomic_bool &) volatile=delete
bool operator= (bool __i)
void store (bool __i, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst)
void store (bool __i, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst) volatile

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