std::decimal::decimal64 Class Reference

Public Types

typedef float __decfloat64 __attribute__ ((mode(DD)))

Public Member Functions

 decimal64 (decimal32 d32)
 decimal64 (decimal128 d128)
 decimal64 (float __r)
 decimal64 (double __r)
 decimal64 (long double __r)
 decimal64 (int __z)
 decimal64 (unsigned int __z)
 decimal64 (long __z)
 decimal64 (unsigned long __z)
 decimal64 (long long __z)
 decimal64 (unsigned long long __z)
 decimal64 (__decfloat64 __z)
__decfloat64 __getval (void)
void __setval (__decfloat64 __x)
decimal64operator*= (decimal32 __rhs)
decimal64operator*= (decimal64 __rhs)
decimal64operator*= (decimal128 __rhs)
decimal64operator*= (int __rhs)
decimal64operator*= (unsigned int __rhs)
decimal64operator*= (long __rhs)
decimal64operator*= (unsigned long __rhs)
decimal64operator*= (unsigned long long __rhs)
decimal64operator*= (long long __rhs)
decimal64operator++ ()
decimal64 operator++ (int)
decimal64operator+= (int __rhs)
decimal64operator+= (decimal32 __rhs)
decimal64operator+= (decimal64 __rhs)
decimal64operator+= (decimal128 __rhs)
decimal64operator+= (unsigned int __rhs)
decimal64operator+= (long __rhs)
decimal64operator+= (unsigned long __rhs)
decimal64operator+= (long long __rhs)
decimal64operator+= (unsigned long long __rhs)
decimal64operator-- ()
decimal64 operator-- (int)
decimal64operator-= (long __rhs)
decimal64operator-= (int __rhs)
decimal64operator-= (long long __rhs)
decimal64operator-= (unsigned long long __rhs)
decimal64operator-= (unsigned long __rhs)
decimal64operator-= (decimal128 __rhs)
decimal64operator-= (unsigned int __rhs)
decimal64operator-= (decimal32 __rhs)
decimal64operator-= (decimal64 __rhs)
decimal64operator/= (decimal32 __rhs)
decimal64operator/= (long long __rhs)
decimal64operator/= (unsigned long long __rhs)
decimal64operator/= (unsigned long __rhs)
decimal64operator/= (decimal64 __rhs)
decimal64operator/= (unsigned int __rhs)
decimal64operator/= (decimal128 __rhs)
decimal64operator/= (long __rhs)
decimal64operator/= (int __rhs)

Detailed Description

3.2.3 Class decimal64.

Definition at line 310 of file decimal.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

std::decimal::decimal64::decimal64 ( __decfloat64  __z)

Conforming extension: Conversion from scalar decimal type.

Definition at line 334 of file decimal.

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