std::enable_shared_from_this< _Tp > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

shared_ptr< _Tp > shared_from_this ()
shared_ptr< const _Tp > shared_from_this () const

Protected Member Functions

 enable_shared_from_this (const enable_shared_from_this &)
enable_shared_from_thisoperator= (const enable_shared_from_this &)


template<typename _Tp1 >
void __enable_shared_from_this_helper (const __shared_count<> &__pn, const enable_shared_from_this *__pe, const _Tp1 *__px)

Detailed Description

template<typename _Tp>
class std::enable_shared_from_this< _Tp >

Base class allowing use of member function shared_from_this.

Definition at line 478 of file shared_ptr.h.

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