std::messages_byname< _CharT > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for std::messages_byname< _CharT >:

Public Types

typedef int catalog
typedef _CharT char_type
typedef basic_string< _CharT > string_type

Public Member Functions

 messages_byname (const char *__s, size_t __refs=0)
void close (catalog __c) const
string_type get (catalog __c, int __set, int __msgid, const string_type &__s) const
catalog open (const basic_string< char > &__s, const locale &__loc) const
catalog open (const basic_string< char > &, const locale &, const char *) const

Static Public Attributes

static locale::id id

Protected Member Functions

string_type _M_convert_from_char (char *) const
char * _M_convert_to_char (const string_type &__msg) const
virtual void do_close (catalog) const
virtual string_type do_get (catalog, int, int, const string_type &__dfault) const
string do_get (catalog, int, int, const string &) const
wstring do_get (catalog, int, int, const wstring &) const
virtual catalog do_open (const basic_string< char > &, const locale &) const

Static Protected Member Functions

static __c_locale _S_clone_c_locale (__c_locale &__cloc) throw ()
static void _S_create_c_locale (__c_locale &__cloc, const char *__s, __c_locale __old=0)
static void _S_destroy_c_locale (__c_locale &__cloc)
static __c_locale _S_get_c_locale ()
static const char * _S_get_c_name () throw ()
static __c_locale _S_lc_ctype_c_locale (__c_locale __cloc, const char *__s)

Protected Attributes

__c_locale _M_c_locale_messages
const char * _M_name_messages

Detailed Description

template<typename _CharT>
class std::messages_byname< _CharT >

class messages_byname [].

Definition at line 1912 of file locale_facets_nonio.h.

Member Data Documentation

template<typename _CharT >
locale::id std::messages< _CharT >::id

Numpunct facet id.

Definition at line 1713 of file locale_facets_nonio.h.

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