std::move_iterator< _Iterator > Class Template Reference

Public Types

typedef _Iterator iterator_type
typedef _Iterator pointer
typedef value_type && reference
typedef __traits_type::value_type value_type

Public Member Functions

 move_iterator (iterator_type __i)
template<typename _Iter >
 move_iterator (const move_iterator< _Iter > &__i)
iterator_type base () const
reference operator* () const
move_iterator operator+ (difference_type __n) const
move_iteratoroperator++ ()
move_iterator operator++ (int)
move_iteratoroperator+= (difference_type __n)
move_iterator operator- (difference_type __n) const
move_iteratoroperator-- ()
move_iterator operator-- (int)
move_iteratoroperator-= (difference_type __n)
pointer operator-> () const
reference operator[] (difference_type __n) const

Protected Types

typedef iterator_traits
< _Iterator > 

Protected Attributes

_Iterator _M_current

Detailed Description

template<typename _Iterator>
class std::move_iterator< _Iterator >

Class template move_iterator is an iterator adapter with the same behavior as the underlying iterator except that its dereference operator implicitly converts the value returned by the underlying iterator's dereference operator to an rvalue reference. Some generic algorithms can be called with move iterators to replace copying with moving.

Definition at line 412 of file cpp_type_traits.h.

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