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4.60 Attribute To_Address

The System’To_Address (System is the only permissible prefix) denotes a function identical to System.Storage_Elements.To_Address except that it is a static attribute. This means that if its argument is a static expression, then the result of the attribute is a static expression. This means that such an expression can be used in contexts (e.g., preelaborable packages) which require a static expression and where the function call could not be used (since the function call is always nonstatic, even if its argument is static). The argument must be in the range -(2**(m-1) .. 2**m-1, where m is the memory size (typically 32 or 64). Negative values are intepreted in a modular manner (e.g., -1 means the same as 16#FFFF_FFFF# on a 32 bits machine).