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2.5 Pragma Ada_05


pragma Ada_05;
pragma Ada_05 (local_NAME);

A configuration pragma that establishes Ada 2005 mode for the unit to which it applies, regardless of the mode set by the command line switches. This pragma is useful when writing a reusable component that itself uses Ada 2005 features, but which is intended to be usable from either Ada 83 or Ada 95 programs.

The one argument form (which is not a configuration pragma) is used for managing the transition from Ada 95 to Ada 2005 in the run-time library. If an entity is marked as Ada_2005 only, then referencing the entity in Ada_83 or Ada_95 mode will generate a warning. In addition, in Ada_83 or Ada_95 mode, a preference rule is established which does not choose such an entity unless it is unambiguously specified. This avoids extra subprograms marked this way from generating ambiguities in otherwise legal pre-Ada_2005 programs. The one argument form is intended for exclusive use in the GNAT run-time library.