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2.152 Pragma Restriction_Warnings


pragma Restriction_Warnings
  (restriction_IDENTIFIER {, restriction_IDENTIFIER});

This pragma allows a series of restriction identifiers to be specified (the list of allowed identifiers is the same as for pragma Restrictions). For each of these identifiers the compiler checks for violations of the restriction, but generates a warning message rather than an error message if the restriction is violated.

One use of this is in situations where you want to know about violations of a restriction, but you want to ignore some of these violations. Consider this example, where you want to set Ada_95 mode and enable style checks, but you want to know about any other use of implementation pragmas:

pragma Restriction_Warnings (No_Implementation_Pragmas);
pragma Warnings (Off, "violation of No_Implementation_Pragmas");
pragma Ada_95;
pragma Style_Checks ("2bfhkM160");
pragma Warnings (On, "violation of No_Implementation_Pragmas");

By including the above lines in a configuration pragmas file, the Ada_95 and Style_Checks pragmas are accepted without generating a warning, but any other use of implementation defined pragmas will cause a warning to be generated.