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2.154 Pragma Secondary_Stack_Size


pragma Secondary_Stack_Size (integer_EXPRESSION);

This pragma appears within the task definition of a single task declaration or a task type declaration (like pragma Storage_Size) and applies to all task objects of that type. The argument specifies the size of the secondary stack to be used by these task objects, and must be of an integer type. The secondary stack is used to handle functions that return a variable-sized result, for example a function returning an unconstrained String.

Note this pragma only applies to targets using fixed secondary stacks, like VxWorks 653 and bare board targets, where a fixed block for the secondary stack is allocated from the primary stack of the task. By default, these targets assign a percentage of the primary stack for the secondary stack, as defined by System.Parameter.Sec_Stack_Percentage. With this pragma, an integer_EXPRESSION of bytes is assigned from the primary stack instead.

For most targets, the pragma does not apply as the secondary stack grows on demand: allocated as a chain of blocks in the heap. The default size of these blocks can be modified via the -D binder option as described in GNAT User’s Guide.

Note that no check is made to see if the secondary stack can fit inside the primary stack.

Note the pragma cannot appear when the restriction No_Secondary_Stack is in effect.