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2.195 Pragma Volatile_Full_Access


pragma Volatile_Full_Access (LOCAL_NAME);

This is similar in effect to pragma Volatile, except that any reference to the object is guaranteed to be done only with instructions that read or write all the bits of the object. Furthermore, if the object is of a composite type, then any reference to a component of the object is guaranteed to read and/or write all the bits of the object.

The intention is that this be suitable for use with memory-mapped I/O devices on some machines. Note that there are two important respects in which this is different from pragma Atomic. First a reference to a Volatile_Full_Access object is not a sequential action in the RM 9.10 sense and, therefore, does not create a synchronization point. Second, in the case of pragma Atomic, there is no guarantee that all the bits will be accessed if the reference is not to the whole object; the compiler is allowed (and generally will) access only part of the object in this case.

It is not permissible to specify Atomic and Volatile_Full_Access for the same object.

It is not permissible to specify Volatile_Full_Access for a composite (record or array) type or object that has at least one Aliased component.