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The functions listed below map directly to FR-V M-type instructions.

Function prototypeExample usageAssembly output
uw1 __MABSHS (sw1)b = __MABSHS (a)MABSHS a,b
void __MADDACCS (acc, acc)__MADDACCS (b, a)MADDACCS a,b
sw1 __MADDHSS (sw1, sw1)c = __MADDHSS (a, b)MADDHSS a,b,c
uw1 __MADDHUS (uw1, uw1)c = __MADDHUS (a, b)MADDHUS a,b,c
uw1 __MAND (uw1, uw1)c = __MAND (a, b)MAND a,b,c
void __MASACCS (acc, acc)__MASACCS (b, a)MASACCS a,b
uw1 __MAVEH (uw1, uw1)c = __MAVEH (a, b)MAVEH a,b,c
uw2 __MBTOH (uw1)b = __MBTOH (a)MBTOH a,b
void __MBTOHE (uw1 *, uw1)__MBTOHE (&b, a)MBTOHE a,b
void __MCLRACC (acc)__MCLRACC (a)MCLRACC a
uw1 __Mcop1 (uw1, uw1)c = __Mcop1 (a, b)Mcop1 a,b,c
uw1 __Mcop2 (uw1, uw1)c = __Mcop2 (a, b)Mcop2 a,b,c
uw1 __MCPLHI (uw2, const)c = __MCPLHI (a, b)MCPLHI a,#b,c
uw1 __MCPLI (uw2, const)c = __MCPLI (a, b)MCPLI a,#b,c
void __MCPXIS (acc, sw1, sw1)__MCPXIS (c, a, b)MCPXIS a,b,c
void __MCPXIU (acc, uw1, uw1)__MCPXIU (c, a, b)MCPXIU a,b,c
void __MCPXRS (acc, sw1, sw1)__MCPXRS (c, a, b)MCPXRS a,b,c
void __MCPXRU (acc, uw1, uw1)__MCPXRU (c, a, b)MCPXRU a,b,c
uw1 __MCUT (acc, uw1)c = __MCUT (a, b)MCUT a,b,c
uw1 __MCUTSS (acc, sw1)c = __MCUTSS (a, b)MCUTSS a,b,c
void __MDADDACCS (acc, acc)__MDADDACCS (b, a)MDADDACCS a,b
void __MDASACCS (acc, acc)__MDASACCS (b, a)MDASACCS a,b
uw2 __MDCUTSSI (acc, const)c = __MDCUTSSI (a, b)MDCUTSSI a,#b,c
uw2 __MDPACKH (uw2, uw2)c = __MDPACKH (a, b)MDPACKH a,b,c
uw2 __MDROTLI (uw2, const)c = __MDROTLI (a, b)MDROTLI a,#b,c
void __MDSUBACCS (acc, acc)__MDSUBACCS (b, a)MDSUBACCS a,b
void __MDUNPACKH (uw1 *, uw2)__MDUNPACKH (&b, a)MDUNPACKH a,b
uw2 __MEXPDHD (uw1, const)c = __MEXPDHD (a, b)MEXPDHD a,#b,c
uw1 __MEXPDHW (uw1, const)c = __MEXPDHW (a, b)MEXPDHW a,#b,c
uw1 __MHDSETH (uw1, const)c = __MHDSETH (a, b)MHDSETH a,#b,c
sw1 __MHDSETS (const)b = __MHDSETS (a)MHDSETS #a,b
uw1 __MHSETHIH (uw1, const)b = __MHSETHIH (b, a)MHSETHIH #a,b
sw1 __MHSETHIS (sw1, const)b = __MHSETHIS (b, a)MHSETHIS #a,b
uw1 __MHSETLOH (uw1, const)b = __MHSETLOH (b, a)MHSETLOH #a,b
sw1 __MHSETLOS (sw1, const)b = __MHSETLOS (b, a)MHSETLOS #a,b
uw1 __MHTOB (uw2)b = __MHTOB (a)MHTOB a,b
void __MMACHS (acc, sw1, sw1)__MMACHS (c, a, b)MMACHS a,b,c
void __MMACHU (acc, uw1, uw1)__MMACHU (c, a, b)MMACHU a,b,c
void __MMRDHS (acc, sw1, sw1)__MMRDHS (c, a, b)MMRDHS a,b,c
void __MMRDHU (acc, uw1, uw1)__MMRDHU (c, a, b)MMRDHU a,b,c
void __MMULHS (acc, sw1, sw1)__MMULHS (c, a, b)MMULHS a,b,c
void __MMULHU (acc, uw1, uw1)__MMULHU (c, a, b)MMULHU a,b,c
void __MMULXHS (acc, sw1, sw1)__MMULXHS (c, a, b)MMULXHS a,b,c
void __MMULXHU (acc, uw1, uw1)__MMULXHU (c, a, b)MMULXHU a,b,c
uw1 __MNOT (uw1)b = __MNOT (a)MNOT a,b
uw1 __MOR (uw1, uw1)c = __MOR (a, b)MOR a,b,c
uw1 __MPACKH (uh, uh)c = __MPACKH (a, b)MPACKH a,b,c
sw2 __MQADDHSS (sw2, sw2)c = __MQADDHSS (a, b)MQADDHSS a,b,c
uw2 __MQADDHUS (uw2, uw2)c = __MQADDHUS (a, b)MQADDHUS a,b,c
void __MQCPXIS (acc, sw2, sw2)__MQCPXIS (c, a, b)MQCPXIS a,b,c
void __MQCPXIU (acc, uw2, uw2)__MQCPXIU (c, a, b)MQCPXIU a,b,c
void __MQCPXRS (acc, sw2, sw2)__MQCPXRS (c, a, b)MQCPXRS a,b,c
void __MQCPXRU (acc, uw2, uw2)__MQCPXRU (c, a, b)MQCPXRU a,b,c
sw2 __MQLCLRHS (sw2, sw2)c = __MQLCLRHS (a, b)MQLCLRHS a,b,c
sw2 __MQLMTHS (sw2, sw2)c = __MQLMTHS (a, b)MQLMTHS a,b,c
void __MQMACHS (acc, sw2, sw2)__MQMACHS (c, a, b)MQMACHS a,b,c
void __MQMACHU (acc, uw2, uw2)__MQMACHU (c, a, b)MQMACHU a,b,c
void __MQMACXHS (acc, sw2, sw2)__MQMACXHS (c, a, b)MQMACXHS a,b,c
void __MQMULHS (acc, sw2, sw2)__MQMULHS (c, a, b)MQMULHS a,b,c
void __MQMULHU (acc, uw2, uw2)__MQMULHU (c, a, b)MQMULHU a,b,c
void __MQMULXHS (acc, sw2, sw2)__MQMULXHS (c, a, b)MQMULXHS a,b,c
void __MQMULXHU (acc, uw2, uw2)__MQMULXHU (c, a, b)MQMULXHU a,b,c
sw2 __MQSATHS (sw2, sw2)c = __MQSATHS (a, b)MQSATHS a,b,c
uw2 __MQSLLHI (uw2, int)c = __MQSLLHI (a, b)MQSLLHI a,b,c
sw2 __MQSRAHI (sw2, int)c = __MQSRAHI (a, b)MQSRAHI a,b,c
sw2 __MQSUBHSS (sw2, sw2)c = __MQSUBHSS (a, b)MQSUBHSS a,b,c
uw2 __MQSUBHUS (uw2, uw2)c = __MQSUBHUS (a, b)MQSUBHUS a,b,c
void __MQXMACHS (acc, sw2, sw2)__MQXMACHS (c, a, b)MQXMACHS a,b,c
void __MQXMACXHS (acc, sw2, sw2)__MQXMACXHS (c, a, b)MQXMACXHS a,b,c
uw1 __MRDACC (acc)b = __MRDACC (a)MRDACC a,b
uw1 __MRDACCG (acc)b = __MRDACCG (a)MRDACCG a,b
uw1 __MROTLI (uw1, const)c = __MROTLI (a, b)MROTLI a,#b,c
uw1 __MROTRI (uw1, const)c = __MROTRI (a, b)MROTRI a,#b,c
sw1 __MSATHS (sw1, sw1)c = __MSATHS (a, b)MSATHS a,b,c
uw1 __MSATHU (uw1, uw1)c = __MSATHU (a, b)MSATHU a,b,c
uw1 __MSLLHI (uw1, const)c = __MSLLHI (a, b)MSLLHI a,#b,c
sw1 __MSRAHI (sw1, const)c = __MSRAHI (a, b)MSRAHI a,#b,c
uw1 __MSRLHI (uw1, const)c = __MSRLHI (a, b)MSRLHI a,#b,c
void __MSUBACCS (acc, acc)__MSUBACCS (b, a)MSUBACCS a,b
sw1 __MSUBHSS (sw1, sw1)c = __MSUBHSS (a, b)MSUBHSS a,b,c
uw1 __MSUBHUS (uw1, uw1)c = __MSUBHUS (a, b)MSUBHUS a,b,c
void __MTRAP (void)__MTRAP ()MTRAP
uw2 __MUNPACKH (uw1)b = __MUNPACKH (a)MUNPACKH a,b
uw1 __MWCUT (uw2, uw1)c = __MWCUT (a, b)MWCUT a,b,c
void __MWTACC (acc, uw1)__MWTACC (b, a)MWTACC a,b
void __MWTACCG (acc, uw1)__MWTACCG (b, a)MWTACCG a,b
uw1 __MXOR (uw1, uw1)c = __MXOR (a, b)MXOR a,b,c

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