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6.59.35 x86 Control-Flow Protection Intrinsics

CET Function: ret_type _get_ssp (void)

Get the current value of shadow stack pointer if shadow stack support from Intel CET is enabled in the hardware or 0 otherwise. The ret_type is unsigned long long for 64-bit targets and unsigned int for 32-bit targets.

CET Function: void _inc_ssp (unsigned int)

Increment the current shadow stack pointer by the size specified by the function argument. The argument is masked to a byte value for security reasons, so to increment by more than 255 bytes you must call the function multiple times.

The shadow stack unwind code looks like:

#include <immintrin.h>

/* Unwind the shadow stack for EH.  */
#define _Unwind_Frames_Extra(x)       \
  do                                  \
    {                                \
      _Unwind_Word ssp = _get_ssp (); \
      if (ssp != 0)                   \
        {                            \
          _Unwind_Word tmp = (x);     \
          while (tmp > 255)           \
            {                        \
              _inc_ssp (tmp);         \
              tmp -= 255;             \
            }                        \
          _inc_ssp (tmp);             \
        }                            \
    }                                \
    while (0)

This code runs unconditionally on all 64-bit processors. For 32-bit processors the code runs on those that support multi-byte NOP instructions.