__gnu_parallel::_IteratorTriple< _Iterator1, _Iterator2, _Iterator3, _IteratorCategory > Class Template Reference

Public Types

typedef std::iterator_traits< _Iterator1 >::difference_type difference_type
typedef _IteratorCategory iterator_category
typedef _IteratorTriplepointer
typedef _IteratorTriplereference
typedef void value_type

Public Member Functions

 _IteratorTriple (const _Iterator1 &__first, const _Iterator2 &__second, const _Iterator3 &__third)
 operator _Iterator3 () const
_IteratorTriple operator+ (difference_type __delta) const
_IteratorTripleoperator++ ()
const _IteratorTriple operator++ (int)
difference_type operator- (const _IteratorTriple &__other) const
_IteratorTripleoperator-- ()
const _IteratorTriple operator-- (int)
_IteratorTripleoperator= (const _IteratorTriple &__other)

Public Attributes

_Iterator1 _M_first
_Iterator2 _M_second
_Iterator3 _M_third

Detailed Description

template<typename _Iterator1, typename _Iterator2, typename _Iterator3, typename _IteratorCategory>
class __gnu_parallel::_IteratorTriple< _Iterator1, _Iterator2, _Iterator3, _IteratorCategory >

A triple of iterators. The usual iterator operations are applied to all three child iterators.

Definition at line 120 of file iterator.h.

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